Roof solar collector THERMOSLATE

CUPA PIZARRAS THERMOSLATE® thermal panel system uses natural slate to transform solar light into energy, later used for heating, hot water or swimming pools. A wide range of products are offered for the construction projects; THERMOSLATE solar collectors are completely invisible once installed, allowing you to take advantage of the efficiency of renewable energies without forgoing the appearance of a natural slate roof.

Because of its modular designTHERMOSLATE is integrated in a quick and easy way to create a natural slate roof. The system is compatible with any storage and distribution system and satisfies up to 2/3 of the annual needs for hot water.

Different systems for seamless integration:

  • THERMOSLATE® systems with nail
    For pitched roofs, with an invisible fixing system in stainless steel
  • THERMOSLATE® systems with hook
    For pitched roofs, with a visible fixing system in stainless steel
  • THERMOSLATE® technical solar floor
    For flat roofs, flooring or facades

Certified Quality

The organization’s Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTBat), Solar Keymark, Instituto Giordano and ICIM certify that THERMOSLATE® meets the necessary requirements for marketing internationally.


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