What is the knowledge of solar water pump system?

Photovoltaic water pumping system is also called solar photovoltaic pump system. The system consists of photovoltaic water pump inverter, water pump and solar battery array. It is suitable for desert control, agricultural irrigation, forestry planting, grassland animal husbandry, seawater desalination, post-natal water supply, water treatment engineering, etc. field. The photovoltaic water pumping system does not need to set up the power grid, does not need the battery energy storage device, replaces the electricity storage with water storage, directly drives the water pump to pump water, has high power and high reliability, and greatly reduces the construction and maintenance cost of the system.

The solar cell array is composed of a plurality of solar cell modules connected in series and in parallel, absorbing solar radiation energy, converting it into electric energy, and providing power for the entire system. The photovoltaic pumping inverter controls and regulates the operation of the system, converts the DC power generated by the solar cell array into AC power, drives the water pump, and adjusts the output frequency in real time according to the change of the intensity of the sunlight, realizes the maximum power point tracking, and maximizes the utilization. Solar energy. The pump is driven by a three-phase AC motor, pumping water from a deep well, injecting it into a reservoir/pool, or directly into an irrigation system. Different types of pumps can be used to work according to actual system requirements and installation conditions.


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