Eco-friendly artificial Abu Dhabi island revealed

Apioneering concept by Vincent Callebaut Architectures could be the latest addition to Abu Dhabi’s urban land and seascape

Located at the end of a long breakwater off the coast the environmental project – called Solar Drop – envisages relaxation areas, swimming pools and other leisure facilities.

The majority of the amenities and walkways will be house under an enormous structural dome that spreads in the space taking the shape of a flower at the center of the island.

The flower further features two spiral domes, with convex superior dome covered with 16 spirals of solar cells and the second concave dome covered.

An array of PV cells on the roof will provide power alongside over 2500 m² of what the architects call ‘plant pillows’ will dehumidify and cool the air through their respiratory cycles. Lighting powered by wind turbines and a totally new coral reef would be created around the artificial island.


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